Guys, in cold, dewy conditions early we started very slowly against a very loud, spirited and third place opposition in Richmond Central.

After conceding the first 2 goals, we gradually fought back and worked our way back into the game.

Despite poor kicking for goal, we were only really 1 goal down for most of the first quarter and a half. It wasn’t until half way through the second quarter that the ascendency started to shift.


·         Zouks sparking us up with our first team goal in the second quarter [odds 1 million to 1]

·         Our ability to respond after the early deficiencies on the scoreboard

·         Some of our goals from the centre bounce were a delight to watch

·         Our strong finish to the game

·         An even contribution by all players

·         Our defence was exceptional throughout the whole game

·         Rotations were positives and didn’t prevent us from continuity with players adapting to different positions

·         The goal Critta kicked which took 6 seconds, Jaffer – MD – Tyson – Critta – fantastic and timely

·         5 Goal third quarter was a great response to the challenge  


·         Yellow cards / Black Card

·         Arguing with decisions

·         Send offs UNDISCIPLINE!!

·         GUYS NO MORE!!!

·         Allowing the opposition noise to get to us causing unnecessary free kicks

·         Not sticking to our structures – WE MUST BE CONSISTENT HERE WITH OUR FORWARDS!

·         Not keeping our composure for the whole day

·         Bad kicking for goal

·         Slow start – 9:20am NO EXCUSE!


·         Good frontal pressure with tackles that lead to shots at goal

·         Jack aggressive play with strong bumps

·         M. Ziccone with our first goal – mark and 25m and chips the ball over the defence – paying 1,000,000 to one

·         We did over handball, missed tackles and the forwards didn’t play in front

·         Bernie’s snap at goal for our second

·         Tyson, MD, Critta and Bernie were good all game

·         3 players getting sent off

·         Phiv yelling on the bench “has Couta had a kick” while he was standing behind him on the bench

·         Two good smothers one leading to a goal

·         Sammy – Kouta – MD – Goal

·         When we played our game and stuck to the processes they had no answer

Goal kickers

A. Karim 4, M. Dabab 2, C. Pana 1, M. Ziccone 1, B. Duarte 1, P. Marcus 1, N. Criticos 1

Best Players

J. Maddock, T. Barber, M. Dabab, N. Criticos, A. Karim, J. Rocci